Board Elections

The Nominating Committee of the American Literary Translators Association is now accepting nominations for the ALTA Board of Directors. ALTA will fill three seats, the Vice President and two At-Large Board members, with terms beginning at this year's conference. 

Please send your nominations by July 21 to Committee Chair Samantha Schnee and Executive Director Elisabeth Jaquette. Online voting will begin on August 5 and end September 5.

Vice-President: The candidate elected to this position shall serve for six years: a two-year term as Vice-President, followed by a two-year term as President, followed by a two-year term as Past President. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of his/her duties, preside at meetings and otherwise assume the duties of the President during the latter's absence or inability to act. The Vice-President will, in the absence or at the request of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.

At-large (2): This director shall serve a term of three years. The elected director will take on the responsibilities of a committee chair or other special duties, as determined by the President after the election in light of the Board's needs and the director's qualifications and interests.

The Nominating Committee consists of Samantha Schnee (Chair), Mira Rosenthal, and Russell Valentino, and is supported by ALTA President Aron Aji and Vice President Ellen Elias-Bursac. Please send your nominations by July 21 to Samantha Schnee and Executive Director Elisabeth Jaquette specifying the position for which you are nominating the candidate. Self-nominations are allowed. 

In order to appear on the ballot, nominees will need to send their candidate's statements and pictures to Samantha Schnee by August 2. In addition, the Nominating Committee may question or interview nominees about their qualifications and commitment to ALTA, and a nominee who fails to respond may be omitted from the ballot.

Online voting will begin on August 5 and end September 5, 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact Samantha or Elisabeth if you have any questions about this process.

Call for Expert Readers

One of the things that makes the National Translation Award (NTA) distinct is that it is the only award in the United States that includes evaluations of the translations vis-à-vis the source texts. We rely on the expertise of translators, or expert readers, who work from the original languages of the NTA-longlisted titles to provide an evaluation to our judges, which will then inform their choices of shortlisted and winning titles. Per NTA Policies and Procedures, these translators must have expertise in the source language of the text they are asked to assess, and to have published at least one book in translation.

If you are interested in being added to our list of expert readers to be called upon during the NTA judging process, please contact Communications and Awards Manager Rachael Daum at rachaeldaum@literarytranslators.org with the language(s) you read and translate from.


ALTA is a member-led organization, and we could not continue to do the work we do without member support. If you are interested in volunteering your services with ALTA, please email the contact person listed below.

Committee Positions
  • Mentorship Committee
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • Program Committee

If you are interested in volunteering as a committee member, please contact Communications and Awards Manager Rachael Daum at rachaeldaum@literarytranslators.org.

Volunteer Positions
  • Social Media Intern
  • Blog Contributor

If you are interested in volunteering with ALTA, please contact Communications and Awards Manager Rachael Daum at rachaeldaum@literarytranslators.org.