First Look Publishers

First Look Publishers

ALTA's mentees have the option to take part in our "First Look" program, which allows participating publishers to be the first to read excerpts of the translations mentees have worked on throughout their mentorship period, for possible publication. In 2020, for example, 11 poems and 3 short stories translated by our mentees were immediately selected for publication by 6 different literary journals!

We are grateful to the editors of the following presses and journals, who support literary translation and emerging literary translators by reading our mentees' excerpts:

Amazon Crossing

American Chordata


Black Sun Lit

The Common

Denver Quarterly

The Georgia Review

Gulf Coast

The Kenyon Review

The Literary Review

The Massachusetts Review

The Southern Review

Tupelo Quarterly

Turtle Point Press

Two Lines Press


Words Without Borders

World Literature Today

Publishers, to be added to this list and receive translation excerpts at the end of each mentorship program year, please contact Program Manager Kelsi Vanada at