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Aliform Publishing

Aliform Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor specializing in Lusophone and Latin American literature (with a dash of world literature thrown in). We're particularly proud of our relation with Editorial Praxis, Mexico's leading independent publisher. In the last twenty years Praxis has published over 400 books of literature, which we're pleased to make available.

Book English
Passeggiata Press



New Left Books was launched by New Left Review in 1970, and took as its logo the Tatlin Tower—a planned monument to the Third International. Focusing initially on translating works of European political and social theory, economics and philosophy, the list during that decade included Theodor Adorno, Louis Althusser, Walter Benjamin, Lucio Colletti, Henri Lefebvre, Georg Lukács, Ernest Mandel, Herbert Marcuse, Jean-Paul Sartre and Max Weber, as well as major original works by Perry Anderson, Terry Eagleton, Tom Nairn and Raymond Williams. NLB’s list challenged established opinions both in the United States and the Soviet Union, and their respective satellites, as well as providing important critical analyses of China, India and South America. The publishing house was always intended to be far broader in its reach than NLR. An early bestseller was Against Method by Paul Feyeraband.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction English
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Kodansha America

Kodansha is Japan’s largest publisher, with its headquarters in Tokyo. Originally established in 1909 by Seiji Noma, the compall is still a family-run business. Under the current leadership of Yoshinobu Noma, succeding compall president Sawako Noma, Kodansha continues to play a dominant role in the media world, producing books and magazines in a wide variety of genres including literature, fiction, nonfiction, children’s, business, lifestyle, art, manga, fashion, and journalism. Recently, the compall has ventured into digital distribution of content as well.

Book Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry, Graphic Lit Japanese
No Unknown

Launched in 2005, Telegram is committed to publishing the best in new and classic international writing, from debut novelists to established literary heavyweights. Telegram has published literary fiction from thirteen languages, ranging from Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Farsi to French, Croatian, Hungarian and Icelandic.

Book Fiction, Poetry English
No Unknown
Deep Vellum

Deep Vellum Publishing is a not-for-profit literary publisher that seeks to enhance the open exchange of ideas among cultures and to connect the world’s greatest untranslated contemporary writers of literature and creative nonfiction with English-language readers for the first time through original translations, while facilitating educational opportunities for students of translation in the Dallas community, and promoting a more vibrant literary community in north Texas and beyond.

Book, eBook Fiction English
Ariadne Books

Ariadne Press was established in 1988 with the premise that Austrian literature is unique and deserves its own identity within the framework of German literature. Its aim is to spread the idea of an Austrian image to wider public awareness by making literature available to the reading public in general. Even highly recognized authors in Austria and Germall are often virtually unknown in the United States. Ariadne Press specializes in translations of established and new authors; biographies and autobiographies; as well as scholarly works that provide a larger context and help make the major figures of Austrian literature from the 19th and 20th centuries accessible to an English-Speaking audience. It wishes to retain the level of a university press in terms of quality of literature and translation but at the same time provide readers at large with names and ideas they never would have encountered.

Book Fiction, NonFiction German, English
Almost Island

What defines a Picador book is the author’s voice: we believe the way the story is told is just as important as the story itself, and this is the case for all our fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We publish writers from all over the world, bringing international authors to an EngIish-Ianguage readership and providing a platform for voices that are often not heard. We publish a list that includes literary fiction; new, relevant and challenging fiction; narrative non-fiction; authoritative, cultural non-fiction; and the best contemporary poetry; as well as a number of uncategorizable books that will surprise you. We also aim to make beautiful books, from exciting and original first publications to clean, elegantly designed commercial paperbacks. But we are also always looking at new ways to publish including digital first strategies, creatively enhanced ebooks and innovative apps.

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Word Palace Press

Word Palace Press is a non-profit press that publishes poetry, fiction, translations, and screenplays.

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M. E. Sharpe, Inc.

M.E.Sharpe, publisher of books and journals in the social sciences and humanities, includes titles in economics, political science, business, management, public administration, literature, and history.

Book, eBook, Print Journal NonFiction English
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The Sheep Meadow Press

Founded in 1977, The Sheep Meadow Press is a nonprofit press dedicated to publishing poetry and belles-lettres. Sheep Meadow is attracted to poets of great merit who for one reason or another have been turned away from commercial publishers.

Book, Chapbook Poetry English
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Between the Lines

Between the Lines books present new ideas and challenge readers to rethink the world around them. Our authors offer analysis of historical events and contemporary issues not often found in the mainstream. We specialize in informative, non-fiction books on politics and public policy, social issues, Canadian and world history, international development, gender and sexuality, critical race issues, culture, adult and popular education, labour and work, environment, technology, and media.

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Research Centre for Translation (RCT), a research unit at the Institute of Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), is dedicated to the development of Translation and Translation Studies in Hong Kong. It aims to promote Chinese literature internationally through high-quality translation works, foster pioneering research in Translation Studies and nurture the finest young talents in this discipline. Established in 1971, RCT is now one of the foremost research centres in Translation and Translation Studies in Asia.

Book Fiction, NonFiction, Drama English, Chinese
No Unknown
Copper Canyon Press
Twisted Spoon Press

Twisted Spoon Press is an independent publisher based in Prague. Founded in 1992, it is focused on translating into English a variety of writing from Central & Eastern Europe and making it available to a global readership. Our list includes some internationally recognized names as well as authors who are having their work published in English for the first time. Equal emphasis is placed on introducing both new works from contemporary writers and work from an earlier period that has been neglected in translation. We offer an eclectic and unique selection of literature from the region, often illustrated by local artists, and always well designed and produced.

Book, eBook Fiction, Poetry, NonFiction English
No Unknown
Granta Books

Granta Books is one of the most independent-minded and prestigious literary publishers in the UK. The compall publishes around 25 new titles a year, both literary fiction and upmarket non-fiction, and provides authors with the intimacy of a small, passionate and creative team while consistently punching above its weight in review coverage, prizes, cultural impact and sales.

Book, eBook Fiction, Poetry, NonFiction English
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Bordighera Press

Bordighera Press publishes literature and poetry by and about Italian and Italian-American authors. Mall of our titles are consistently utilized in university courses, and the journal VIA:Voices in Italian Americana is subscribed to by more than fifty university libraries in the United States and Canada. Bordighera Press continues to reflect the most current nuances in the literary world. The press was founded in 1989 by Fred Gardaphé, Paolo Giordano, and Anthony Juilan Tamburri.

Book Poetry, Fiction, NonFiction Italian, English
Yes Unknown
HopeRoad Publishing

Shearsman Books Ltd is a specialist publisher of poetry, based in Bristol, England. We concentrate mainly on contemporary writing from Britain & Ireland, and the U.S.A. We also have a large, and growing translation list, with an emphasis on Hispanic and Latin American writing, and we have lists devoted to Classics and to Literary Criticism, the latter devoted to poetry. We tend to be interested in more experimental, radical forms of writing, but do not exclude the more traditional if we think it works. We sell through all channels including our own online store at

Book, Print Journal Poetry English
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New York Review Books

With a worldwide circulation of more than one hundred thirty-five thousand, the New York Review of Books offers its readers a variety of featured articles, book reviews, literary commentary, and other discussions and insights about books, publishing, and the writing life.

Print Journal NonFiction English
No Unknown
University of Missouri Press

The University of Missouri Press prefers a letter inquiring about manuscript submission. Generally, we request a brief summary of the proposed project, as well as some descriptive data on the author. In general, a letter of inquiry, addressed to Mr. Clair Willcox (acquiring editor) at 2910 LeMone Blvd., Columbia, MO 65201, will be responded to within a couple of weeks.

Book, eBook NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Hebrew Union College Press

Publisher of scholarly books and journals across the entire spectrum of Jewish Studies

Book, Print Journal, eBook NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Catholic University of America Press

The Catholic University of America Press publishes in the fields of history (ecclesiastical and secular), language and literature, philosophy, political theory, and theology. We have interdisciplinary emphases on early Christian studies and medieval studies. We publish works of original scholarship intended for academic libraries, scholars and other professionals and works that offer a synthesis of knowledge of the subject of interest to a general audience or suitable for use in college and university classrooms.

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Latin American Literature Today
Contra Mundum Press
University of Utah Press

The University of Utah Press invites submission of proposals and manuscripts in the areas of anthropology and archaeology; Mesoamerican, American Indian, Mormon, and Middle East Studies; regional and Utah guidebooks; Natural history and nature writing; general titles of regional interest, American West, Utah, and environmental history; and autobiography/memoir.

Book, eBook NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Indiana University Press

Indiana University Press's mission is to inform and inspire scholars, students, and thoughtful general readers by disseminating ideas and knowledge of global significance, regional importance, and lasting value.

Book NonFiction English
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Copper Beech Press


No None
The Critical Flame
Paul Dry Books

At Paul Dry Books, our aim is to publish lively books "to awaken, delight, and educate"—and to spark conversation. We publish fiction, both novels and short stories, and nonfiction—biography, memoirs, history, and essays, covering subjects from Homer to Chekhov, bird watching to jazz music, New York City to shogunate Japan.

Book Fiction, NonFiction English
Yes Unknown

Vertical translates the best contemporary Japanese books. We select our popular novels, graphic novels, and quality nonfiction from a rich, variegated stock: Japan’s huge and vibrant book market.

Book Fiction, NonFiction, Graphic Lit Japanese, English
Yes Unknown, Contributor Copies
Temple University Press

Founded in 1969, Temple University Press chose as its inspiration Russell Conwell's vision of the university as a place of educational opportunity for the urban working class. The Press is perhaps best known as a publisher of books in the social sciences and the humanities, as well as books about Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley region. Temple was an early publisher of books in urban studies, housing and labor studies, organizational reform, social service reform, public religion, health care, and cultural studies. It became one of the first university presses to publish in what later became the fields of women's studies, ethnic studies—including Asian American and Latino studies, as well as African American Studies. Today, it continues in those fields and in newer ones such as disability studies, animal rights, criminology, gender and sexual identity, and sport and society. Temple's regional list encompasses scholarly books, coffee table books, and books about art, culture, birding, fishing, hiking, sports teams, and the urban and suburban environments.

Book NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Denver Quarterly

2015 marks 50 years of the Denver Quarterly. Here are 50 of the mall, mall amazing writers, past and present, whose work has helped get us here…Diane Ackerman, John Ashbery, Paul Auster, Mary Jo Bang, Roland Barthes (trans. Annette Lavers), Eula Biss, Maurice Blanchot (trans. Patrick Bowles), Gerald Chapman, Allison Adelle Hedge Coke, Joan Didion, Rikki Ducornet, Percival Everett, Forrest Gander, Dana Gioia, Jorie Graham, Lily Hoang, Edmond Jabès (trans. Rosmarie Waldrop), Siel Ju, Frank Kermode, Ruth Ellen Kocher, Siwar Masannat, Harry Mathews, Farid Matuk, Cris Mazza, Shane McCrae, Fred Moten, Es’kia Mphahlele, Joyce Carol Oates, Simon Ortiz, Camille Rankine, Martha Ronk, Jacques Roubaud (trans. Harriet Zinnes), Tomaž Šalamun, Christine Schutt, Anis Shivani, Gary Soto, Susan Steinberg, James Tate, Deb Olin Unferth, Lee Upton, César Vallejo (trans. Clayton Eshleman with Jorge Guzmán), Gerald Vizenor, Ocean Vuong, Anne Waldman, Robert Penn Warren, Diane Williams, John Williams, Tyrone Williams, Sara June Woods, C.D. Wright.

Print Journal Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry, Graphic Lit, Drama English
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Arion Press

Founded by Andrew Hoyem in 1974, the Arion Press publishes deluxe, limited-edition books, mall of them printed by letterpress, illustrated by prominent artists, and some accompanied by separate editions of original prints.

Fiction, Poetry, Drama English
Wilderness House Literary Review
Pleasure Boat Studio: a Literary Press

PLEASURE BOAT STUDIO: A LITERARY PRESS has a simple and straightforward philosophy: We want to publish the best books we can find - fiction, poetry, and non-fiction - books that we love and that fit our interests. We don’t do children’s books or hard-core pornography or wild science fiction. Not likely to do one of those political or legal thrillers, either. But we really do try to keep an open mind. We like quirky books and non-traditional books and unusual books. And we really like authors who will WORK to sell their books

Book, eBook, Chapbook Fiction, Poetry, NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Words without Borders

Words without Borders promotes cultural understanding through the translation, publication, and promotion of the finest contemporary international literature. Our publications and programs open doors for readers of English around the world to the multiplicity of viewpoints, richness of experience, and literary perspective on world events offered by writers in other languages. We seek to connect international writers to the general public, to students and educators, and to print and other media and to serve as a primary online location for a global literary conversation.

Book Poetry, Fiction, NonFiction, Graphic Lit English
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MacLehose Press

The MacLehose Press is devoted to the translation of literature and crime fiction into English, and to the publication of a very few outstanding writers in English.

Book, eBook Fiction English
No Unknown
The Song Cave

The Song Cave is dedicated to recovering a lost sensibility and creating a new one by publishing books of poetry, translations, art criticism, and making art prints and other related materials.

Chapbook Poetry, NonFiction English
No Unknown
Etruscan Press

We publish books of poems, novels, short stories, creative non-fiction, criticism, translation, and anthologies. Three of our poetry collections have been National Book Award finalists; one of our titles was chosen as the Poetry Society of America’s First Book Award, and three poems have been chosen for Best American Poetry.

Book Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry English
Yes Unknown

Biblioasis is a literary press based in Windsor, Ontario, committed to publishing the best poetry, fiction and non-fiction in beautifully crafted editions.

Book, Chapbook Fiction, Poetry, NonFiction English
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PN Review
World Editions
Minnesota Historical Society Press

The Minnesota Historical Society Press publishes books on the history, art, and culture of the Upper Midwest. Founded in 1851, it is the oldest publisher in the state and the largest historical society press in the country. We seek to publish books for a broad audience of general readers and specialists. Understanding that where we come from is crucial to who we are, the press publishes books that explore the importance of place in this rich and varied region we call home.

Book Fiction, NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Two Lines Press

Two Lines Press exists to give American readers the opportunity to read some of the great work from outside our borders that they would not otherwise get to see. As the barriers between cultures continue to come down and more and more authors are finding inspiration in foreign lands, there’s all the more reason for us all to read the world. Two Lines Press endeavors to give readers another point of entry to this important international discussion—to see that great literature isn’t created by the background of the culture in which its produced but by the talent of the writer that produces it (and the translator that brings it to English). Two Lines Press is a program of the nonprofit Center for the Art of Translation. The press, and the Center for the Art of Translation, both grew out of the TWO LINES: World Writing in Translation anthology series, which has been publishing international literature in translation for nearly 20 years. It has previously published Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, MacArthur “Genius” grant recipients, PEN Translation grant recipients, and winners of dozens of leading national literary awards all over the world. Two Lines also puts a special emphasis on translation as an art form of its own, celebrating the complicated and creative process of rendering a foreign piece of literature in English.

Book, Print Journal Fiction, Poetry, NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Three String Books
Small Beer Press

Since 2001, Small Beer Press has published satisfying and surreal novels and short story collections by award-winning writers and exciting talents whose names you may never have heard, but whose work you'll never be able to forget. And a zine. Although that was started in 1996. Hope that doesn't mess up the nice and neat timeline above.

Book Fiction, NonFiction English
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New York University Press

Making common cause with the best and the brightest, the great and the good, NYU Press aspires to nothing less than the transformation of the intellectual and cultural landscape. Infused with the conviction that the ideas of the academy matter, we foster knowledge that resonates within and beyond the walls of the university.

Book, Print Journal, eBook NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Heinemann Publishing

Heinemann is a publisher of professional resources and a provider of educational services for teachers, kindergarten through college. We strive to give voice to those who share our respect for the professionalism and compassion of teachers and who support teachers’ efforts to help children become literate, empathetic, knowledgeable citizens.

Book, eBook NonFiction English, Spanish
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Cervena Barva Press

Cervena Barva Press was founded in April of 2005. The press solicits poetry, fiction, and plays from various writers around the world, and holds open contests regularly for its chapbooks, postcards, broadsides and full-length books. We publish writers who have a strong voice and who take risks with language.

Book, Chapbook Fiction, Poetry, NonFiction, Drama English
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Mica Press
Asymptote Journal
OR Books

OR Books is a new type of publishing compall. It embraces progressive change in politics, culture and the way we do business.
Our list is highly selective: we publish just one or two books a month, combining established authors with new discoveries.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction English
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University of Virginia Press

THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA PRESS was founded in 1963 to advance the intellectual interests not only of the University of Virginia, but of institutions of higher learning throughout the state. A member of the Association of American University Presses, UVaP currently publishes fifty to sixty new titles annually. New titles are approved by the Board of Directors after a rigorous process of peer review. The UVaP editorial program focuses primarily on the humanities and social sciences with special concentrations in American history, African American studies, southern studies, literature, ecocriticism, and regional books. While it continuously pursues new titles, UVaP also maintains a backlist of over 1,000 titles in print.

Book NonFiction, Fiction, Poetry English
Yes Unknown
Infinity Publishing

Infinity Publishing provides you with the easiest and most comprehensive self-publishing experience.

Book, eBook Poetry, Fiction, NonFiction, Drama, Graphic Lit English
Copper Callon Press

Copper Callon Press publishes extraordinary poetry from around the world to engage the imaginations and intellects of readers.

Book, eBook Poetry English
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AltaMira Press

Rowman & Littlefield is one of the largest and fastest-growing independent publishers and distributors in North America. Our strengths are: academic publishing in the humanities and social sciences, publishing goverment and official data, and educational publishing.

Book, eBook NonFiction English
3am Magazine
Paulist Press

Striving to stand at the intersection of faith and culture, Paulist Press is committed to publishing quality materials that: bring the good news of the Gospel to Catholics and people of other religious traditions; support dialogue and welcome good scholarship and religious wisdom from all sources across denominational boundaries; foster religious values and wholeness in society, especially through materials promoting healing, reconciliation, and personal growth.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction English
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Vintage Books was founded in 1954 by Alfred A. Knopf as a trade paperback home to its authors. Its publishing list includes a wide range, from the most influential works of world literature to cutting edge contemporary fiction and distinguished non-fiction. As the continuous publisher of important writers including William Faulkner, Vladimir Nabokov, Albert Camus, Ralph Ellison, Dashiell Hammett, William Styron, A.S. Byatt, Philip Roth, Toni Morrison, Ha Jin, Richard Ford, Cormac McCarthy, Alice Munro, Raymond Chandler, Orhan Pamuk, Dave Eggers, Robert Caro, Joseph Ellis, Haruki Murakami, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez it is today’s foremost trade paperback publisher.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction English
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The Dallas Review
PM Press

PM Press was founded at the end of 2007 by a small collection of folks with decades of publishing, media, and organizing experience. PM Press co-conspirators have published and distributed hundreds of books, pamphlets, CDs, and DVDs. Members of PM have founded enduring book fairs, spearheaded victorious tenant organizing campaigns, and worked closely with bookstores, academic conferences, and even rock bands to deliver political and challenging ideas to all walks of life. We’re old enough to know what we’re doing and young enough to know what’s at stake.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Xenos Books

Our mission, in the midst of the mass-media entertainment complex, is to join with other small publishers in trying to keep original literature alive.

Book Poetry, Fiction English
No Unknown
Mage Publishers, Inc.

Mage Publishers is an independent press founded in 1985. We publish books of Persian (Iranian) literature and culture in English.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry English
Yes Unknown
Three Rooms Press

Since 1993, Three Rooms Press has been a leading voice in publishing cut-the-edge creative, including novels, memoirs, poetry and art. Our ongoing source of inspiration is Dada predecessor Arthur Cravan, whose independent and truly original artistic vision serves as a guide for all we do.

Book, eBook Poetry, Fiction, NonFiction English
Yes Unknown
Bilingual Review Press

Bilingual Review Press publishes literary works, scholarship, and art books by or about U.S. Hispanics under the name Bilingual Press/Editorial Bilingüe. We also produce the literary/scholarly journal Bilingual Review. Since its founding in 1973, Bilingual Review Press has been committed to publishing high-quality writing by both established and emerging writers. With almost 200 titles in our backlist, we publish books in English, Spanish, and bilingual format, although most of our books are written in English. In addition, classics of Chicana and Chicano literature are being kept available through the Press’s Clásicos Chicanos/Chicano Classics imprint.

Book, eBook Fiction, NonFiction, Poetry Spanish, English
Yes Contributor Copies